Last Stop For Lost Property

Vicente Cueto

Official selection at the 2020 San Francisco Independent Film Festival and the 2020 Better Cities Film Festival.

Deep in the belly of the New York City subway system, there is a home for the thousands of forgotten items daily commuters leave behind. Sonny Drayton introduces us to the inner workings of the Lost and Found Office, reflecting on what it means to lose and be lost underground.

Last Stop For Lost Property is a short documentary created as part of the UnionDocs 2019 Collaborative Studio.

Vicente Cueto

The MTA's gargantuan Lost Property Unit is near impossible to navigate alone. Luckily, Sonny can point us in the right direction. Through his humor and intimate personal knowledge of the subway, Sonny invites us to consider what it means to lose and be lost underground, often the last stop for those who have fallen through the social safety net and have nowhere else to go.

Last Stop For Lost Property spends time in public places of transit where people and objects are repeatedly overlooked, and questions how we value the artifacts of our lives: big and small, cherished and dismissed, tangible and existential.

Vicente Cueto