hit a deer in Arizona you actually get the tag for it

hit that deer rolling up (climbing)

four different people pull up on the highway

(if they could get the tag
hunting that morning had not gotten a thing)

competing — how quick they can dress it
a 4 or 5 point

(a couple of the last vertebrae)

a juvenile

otherwise occupied and nobody

Riding around in the four-bys
Got the whole family
of people

                                             elk      dead over the roof

sort of supported
By the quad
The four-bys
the back seats too
A razor with an                 elk      on the back

Stripped down the weekend
a pocket knife into the table fast

Take cattle except instead of breeding the stud you shoot it in the head
Or through the lungs, preferably

With the whole family
bone dog Elvin in the car
At least these people are eating
that one stomach

Strip it
Strap it to the roof
Desiccate it Desiccate it
Salt it if you have to

In between the vertebrae is anywhere I’m going

If you find a raccoon for yourself hang it from your mirror

lop its

No, unless there’s a lot of sinew and hide
muscle or whatever

               (You kill everything)

I couldn’t see out the window
That’s the joke

Put it on the up no
I put it somewhere up
somewhere in the sun
get hot
just ants
just let the insects clean it

               (on a marble block or
                 a granite block)

little mammal thigh bone
knobby at the end

lop some animal

It’s always It’s never been
It’s never been a good time

that squirrel tail I found as      just a tail
bushes in a bamboo
in the back of somebody’s yard
that had a cat
that had a cat, just ripped up
the squirrel
left some little bits
then a

It’s never clean

Feel it
it’s a little it’s
stiff but you’re not gonna
hurt it to touch;
by how many bones you count up

That’s a lucky charm
Those raccoons and skunks
on the side of the highway

something you definitely need to record
if you take
there are artifacts

Some cat preserved it for me
Some Ford Explorer preserved it for me

I wish
I had been
I wish I had known more
about taking bones